ЖурналыНародное образованиеВыпуск №5/2022

Степанов П. В., Степанова И. В.
Реализация Программы воспитания: между формализмом и личностными результатами

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Сущность воспитания. Эффективные способы реализации Программы воспитания. Вовлечение школьников в разные виды деятельности. Преодоление формализма.

• развитие личности • воспитание • программа воспитания • формализм в организации воспитательной работы

Implementation Of The Upbringing Program: Between Formalism And Personal Results

Pavel V. Stepanov, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Head of the Laboratory of Personality Development in the Education System of the Institute of Educational Development Strategy of the Russian Academy of Education, Moscow

Irina V. Stepanova, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Senior Researcher at the Center for the Development of Methodological Systems and Associations of the Institute of Educational Development Strategy of the Russian Academy of Education, Moscow

Abstract: Changes, that have affected school upbringing, among other things, in recent years, have led to the fact that many schools have begun to work on new upbringing programs. Some of them turned out well, some of them didn’t. However, this does not matter much, because what is more important is not what is written, but what is being done. Unfortunately, what is written on paper and what is done in practice does not always coincide, but we still tend to exaggerate the importance of documents — as if the child is not brought up by teachers, but by concepts, programs, plans and instructions by themselves. What should be done to ensure that the upbringing program is aimed at developing the child’s personality, so that it works, and does not fall into a drawer, as it happens withmany similar documents? The authors of the article reflect on what is the best way of implementation of the upbringing program and how to overcome the main problem of upbringing — formalism.

Keywords: personality development, upbringing, upbringing program, formalism in the organization of upbringing work.