ЖурналыНародное образованиеВыпуск №5/2022

Поташник М. М.
Молитва под фанфары с барабанным боем

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Проблема патриотического/непатриотического поведения людей. Невыполнение региональной властью своих управленческих функций. Патриотизм подлинный и ложный.

• патриотизм • гимн • государственный флаг • непатриотическое поведение

Prayer To A Fanfare With A Drum Beat

Mark M. Potashnik, Full Member (academician) of the Russian Academy of Education, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor

Abstract: For obvious reasons, the problem of patriotic/unpatriotic behavior of people has been discussed everywhere lately in society, in the media, in the press. And the school as an educational institution cannot stay away from this acute issue of education. Obviously, in order for a teacher to be knowledgeable in this important topic, those who manage them, that is, first of all, school leaders, must be competent. Therefore, starting from the end of the last academic year, the education authorities began to conduct training of directors, meetings, seminars on the above-mentioned problem. The material does not pretend to be comprehensive, complete and systematic, but nevertheless it considers very important factors (mistakes, miscalculations, etc.) in the organization of an important innovation in schools — the general performance of the anthem of Russia.

Keywords: patriotism, anthem, national flag, unpatriotic behavior.