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Шустова И. Ю.
«Метод взрыва» А. С. Макаренко: современное прочтение и использование

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«Метод взрыва» как создание ситуации с особо сильными впечатлениями, эмоциональными переживаниями. Ситуативный подход к воспитанию: организация процесса воспитания через со-бытийную общность педагога и воспитанников.

• А. С. Макаренко • воспитание • взаимодействие • со-бытие • со-бытийная общность • образовательная ситуация • ценностно-смысловое пространство

The Method of “Explosion” by A. S. Makarenko: Modern Reading and USE

Inna Y. Shustova, pedagogical science Ph.D, leading researcher Personality development in educational system Laboratory “Education development strategy Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences”

Abstract. A. S. Makarenko attaches special importance to emotional and moral situations in which pupils come to an understanding of life values, a new vision of themselves, others, the world in which they live. Describes the “Method of explosion” as creating a situation with particularly strong impressions, emotional experiences. The co-existential community, as an exceptionally significant and emotionally lived situation by the teacher together with the pupils, has much in common with the proposed method. The article considers the situational approach to education, the pedagogical situation assumes the organization of the process of education through the co-being community of the teacher and pupils, where their active value-semantic interaction takes place, living emotional and psychological connections and relationships are formed.

Keywords: A. S. Makarenko, education, interaction, co-existence, co-existence community, educational situation, value semantic space.