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Концепция воспитания человека в Российской Федерации. Проект

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Базовые смыслы и основания воспитания человека. Сущность и содержание воспитания человека. Опыт освоения содержания воспитания. Структура воспитательных результатов. Образ воспитывающего взрослого. Пути реализации Концепции.

• Концепция воспитания человека • смыслы воспитания • самостояние • самоидентичность народа • со-бытийная общность • воспитывающий взрослый

The Concept Of Human Education In The Russian Federation (Project)

Viktor I. Slobodchikov, Doctor of Psychological Sciences, Professor, Corresponding member of the RAO, head of the author’s team, Moscow

Andrey A. Ostapenko, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor, Krasnodar

Tamara V. Chernikova, Doctor of Psychological Sciences, Professor of the Department of Psychology of Education and Development of the Volgograd State Socio-Pedagogical University, Volgograd

Irina I. Burlakova, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, member of the Interregional Educational Public Organization “Association of Orthodox Scientists”, member of the Board of the Moscow branch of the International Public Organization “Union of Orthodox Women”, Professor of the Academy of Social Management, Moscow

Anna B. Teplova, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Leading Researcher at the Institute for the Study of Childhood, Family and Upbringing of RAO, Moscow

Anastasia I. Khrebtova, Advisor to the Inter-Diocesan Board for Religious Education of the Kaliningrad Metropolia of the Russian Orthodox Church on issues of interaction with state and municipal educational authorities, Kaliningrad Sergey S. Galiev, Candidate of Philological Sciences, expert in demographic forecasting, Moscow

Sergey M. Zverev, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, methodologist-consultant, Head of the Scientific and methodological service of the ANO «Center for Innovative Projects and Media Resources in Education», Moscow

Sergey Yu. Rybakov, Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Associate Professor, Archpriest, Ryazan

Dmitry A. Moiseev, Candidate of Biological Sciences, Archpriest, Alatyr

Sergey N. Korotkov, Archpriest, Kaliningrad

Konstantin V. Zelinsky, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Archpriest, Volgograd region

Abstract: The adoption of the National Doctrine of Education of the Russian Federation, the draft of which was published in the previous issue of our journal, as the main ideological document necessary for the formation of state policy in the field of domestic education, suggests that strategic planning documents should be adopted within the framework of a single goal-setting Doctrine. Such documents include the draft Concept of Human Education in the Russian Federation published below. The proposed draft of the Concept of human Education defines the basic meanings and foundations of human education, revealing the image of the future of Russia as a strategic super-task of society, which for the first time allows us to formulate the educational ideal of a person of Russian civilization, necessary for the implementation of this image of the future of the country.

Keywords: The concept of human education, the meanings of education, self-standing, self-identity of the people, co-being community, educating adult.