ЖурналыНародное образованиеВыпуск №6/2021

Богданова Д. А.
О сексуальном образовании детей: взгляд на западные решения

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Необходимость полового воспитания в современной школе. Характеристика программы «Отношения и сексуальное воспитание» (на уровне начальной и средней школы), разработок различных подразделений ООН. Базовые вопросы безопасности.

• сексуальное образование • гендер • гендерное разнообразие • отношения и сексуальное воспитание

On Children’s Sexual Education: A Look At Western Solutions

Diana A. Bogdanova, Federal Research Center «Informatics and Management» of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow

Abstract: The importance of developing the knowledge and skills necessary for young people to make responsible decisions concerning their lives, especially in conditions of wider availability of sexual materials on the Internet and other mass media, is beyond doubt. The article examines the program «Relationships and sexual education», which has become a compulsory subject in English schools since September 2020, as well as the development of various UN units: «Operational Guidelines for Comprehensive Sexual Education: attention to human rights and gender issues», published in 2014, and «International Technical Guidelines on Sexual Education», compiled «on the basis of facts and scientific data», developed by the Unesco Education Sector in 2018.

Keywords: sexual education, gender, gender diversity, relationships and sexual education