ЖурналыНародное образованиеВыпуск №6/2021

Поташник М. М.
Не смейте обижать учителей!

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К вопросу о заработной плате учителей. Особенности организации конкурса «Учитель года России». Об отношении чиновников и родителей к учителям.

• учитель • конкурс «Учитель года России» • заработная плата •директор школы

Don’t You Dare Offend Teachers!

Mark M. Potashnik, Full Member (academician) of the Russian Academy of Education, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor

Abstract: In recent years, there has been a fairly clear trend in Russia: to blame the school for all the sins of children, and more specifically, teachers and principals (whom we largely attribute to teaching staff). The internal reasons (when the teachers themselves really made mistakes) we have considered in numerous articles on the pages of magazines. But now external factors have come to the fore, including such disgusting phenomena as unfair accusations, public humiliation and even insults of all teachers indiscriminately. This is our article. But not only that. She is also a warning to accusers-denigrators, what this vile phenomenon can turn out for children, for the family and the country. The title of the article is a paraphrase of the famous poem by A. Dementiev «Don’t you dare forget the teachers».

Keywords: teacher, competition «Teacher of the Year of Russia», salary, school principal.