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Рязанов В. А.
К дискуссии о классификации организационных форм обучения по структурам общения

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Организационные формы обучения как один из важнейших вопросов дидактики. Классификация организационных форм обучения по структурам общения, предложенная В.К. Дьяченко, её достоинства. Упрощение и логическая уязвимость классификации В.К. Дьяченко. Деление оргформ обучения по форме кооперации и по типу коммуникации обучающих и обучаемых.

• обучение • сущность обучения • классификация организационных форм обучения • структуры общения • формы кооперации • типы коммуникации • В.К. Дьяченко

To The Discussion On The Classification Of Organizational Forms Of Learning By Communication Structures

Vyacheslav A. Ryazanov, teacher of Russian language and literature, Kemerovo

Abstract: The article continues the discussion around the classification of organizational forms of learning by communication structures, proposed by V.K. D’yachenko. Recognizing its essential advantages, the author of the article nevertheless believes that V.K. D’yachenko, classifying organizational forms of training, did not take into account the multidimensional nature of communication, which led to an excessive simplification and logical vulnerability of the classification developed by him. When analyzing the organizational structure of training in the context of the concept of «learning- ommunication», it is very important to keep in connection and at the same time clearly distinguish the integrative and communicative aspects of communication, and therefore, according to the author, the division of organizational forms of training should be carried out on two grounds: the form of cooperation and the type of communication of teachers and trainees.

Keywords: training, the essence of training, classification of organizational forms of training, communication structures, forms of cooperation, types of communication, V.K. D’yachenko.