ЖурналыНародное образованиеВыпуск №5/2018

Поташник М. М.
Школа, не утратившая педагогической сути

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Опыт сельской школы в деревне Судино Ростовского района Ярославской области. Особенности контингента учащихся. Педагогическая поддержка ребят из проблемных семей.

• управленческий эксперимент • школа-система • передача знаний • волонтёрство • внешние ресурсы • рождение Знамени школы • воспитание личностью • гипнотизация патриотизмом • педколлектив • ценностное единство

A School That Has Not Lost Its Pedagogical Essence

M.M. Potashnik, full member (academician) Russian education Academy, Pro-fessor, doctor of pedagogical Sciences, Moscow, e-mail: mark.potashnik@mail.ru

Abstract. The experience of a rural school, located in the village of the Sudino-Rostovsky district in Yaroslavsky province, in which A.K. Shlenev, Master’s degree in ped-agogical sciences, is serving as its principal for more than two years. The main contingent of the students are children from families that are in a tough living situation (only one parent, low-income, unemployed parents, asocial lifestyle, families with many children, fathers working in a different province without the ability to raise their children, etc.). Children from «regular» families (both parents are biological for every child in the family, both parents work) are a rarity, with only about two-three per class. Each of the other students is in need of at least one type of support.

Keywords: school as an educational system, the birth of the school banner, hypno-tization with patriotism, credo of staff, teacher problems, ideas of an experience.